About Our Painting Products and Materials

We use the best and most appropriate products, irrespective of the scale or budget of an undertaking. Our experienced and local suppliers provide a high level of support and expertise. There are few paint problems that we have not encountered, and we have a reliable team in place to deal with those old and new. Our focus is on being able to apply paints whose colours will be vibrant for years, withstanding both weather, playful children’s hands and the moving of office chairs .
Although the paints we use are of the highest quality, they are formulated to bring down VOC (volatile organic compounds) levels, many of them to zero. The products we use even contain zero VOC levels in their colourants. We recycle all empties and will also recycle old or unused paint cans our clients may have sitting around from old jobs.


About Dani Francis

Dani Francis is the proud independent owner of Painted Spaces. He has over twenty years experience in the painting business. He is insured with Work Safe BC and continues to upgrade his knowledge of green products and work safety issues concerning hazardous materials.
 Dani is a family man who’s creative wife Karen designed his Painted Spaces logo. His two sons Kai and Kobe are at that age where they can soon develop their own creative interests.


About The Motif

The aboriginal motif represents my family, showing my wife carrying our last born son.
I have chosen this artwork to also represent my business as it reflects both a family business and
the clean and impeccable lines of West Coast art. Both elements are essential to Painted Spaces.




This video shows Dani's skill at "cutting in".